Bilingual Business Support in JAPAN

Our Purpose

A-ONE assists your business in Japan

Our mission is to connect and bridge between you and your Japanese partners and facilitate your Japan business activities with our professional bilingual business expertise.

Our support provides you solutions to meet your business needs for expanding your business in Japan. We help you to establish a stable business relationship with your partners and sustainable business environment to be succcessful in the Japanese market.  

We Move your Business Forward

Our Service

To win your new business in Japan

We facilicate your business activities in Japan
  • Work with you to develop a sales strategy and materials.
  • Translate meeting materials in Japanese for your Japanese counterpart.
  • Arrange meeting appointments and support your negotiation by facilitating or translating meetings.
  • Follow up communications with your counterpart to conclude your business deals.
  • Arrange Japanese third-party business functions or experts for the areas needed to proceed your new business acquisitions.

To make your Japan business efficient and stable for the long run

We assist your Japanese partners for your continued business.
  • Start with supporting their English communications with you.
  • Provide training in effective use of Machine Translation tools to be capable independentely communicating with you.
  • Support systematizing their operations to repeatable and routine processes to optimize their resource needs.
  • Other follow up supports to build their capabilities for efficient, stable, and sustainable internationa business operations.

Why Us

Who we are

We provide you attentive and flexible support, because we are small.

    Our staff are all graduates from American universities with work experience outside of Japan (USA and Hong Kong).  We have well understanding of world business culture.
    More than10 years of experiences with several American companies in the areas of consumer digital products, software, and automotive.
    Our strength is in overseas sales. Our main area has been in global manufacturing and we have experience in business negotiations with companies in 26 countries around the world. One of our contribution with a Japanese manufacturer was to increase their overseas sales ratio from single digit to 30% in 3 years.

Our Passion

Our goal is to assist you in both closing your new buisness deals and establishing a sustainable business operations and relationship with your Japanese parters.

We strongly believe that the sustainable business operations is equally important as closing new business deals. It is essential to create a positive business flow leading to new business opportunities, which completes the loop of business growth.

Our unique strength is to help your Japanese partner to build their international business foundations and capabilities to continue business with you for the prosperity of both companies.

Kikuka Hatakeyama, Founder of A-ONE

A-ONE is founded in 2021 with a vision of supporting small and mid-size Japanese companies to develop their international business foundations and capabilities. I decided to expand my business to overseas companies when I learned from my friend from Spain that many overseas companies give up entering Japanese market due to the language and unique business culture in Japan.

In the initial stage of entering Japanese market, there is not enough workload to hire a person, but certain work must be carried out in order to move forward. A-ONE provides a service that allows you to request work on a project basis, or on a task basis. Allow us to assist your success in Japan!