エーワン(以下我々)では、 一部のコンテンツでご登録いただいた情報は、より魅力的で価値のあるサービスの開発・提供のために利用されます。



我々は、ユーザーの皆さまによって登録された個人情報の保護に細心の注意を払っています。ただし、コメント欄をはじめとするコミュニ ティなど、ほかのユーザーが閲覧できるサービス上にユーザー本人が自発的に個人情報を登録された場合、意図しない利用がなされる可能性があることに十分ご留意ください。


エーワン 代表 畠山菊花

Privacy Policy

A-ONE will use the information you provided to us for developing and providing more attractive and valuable services. 

We will not disclose your personal information to third parties without your permission, except as required by law or in response to a legally enforceable request.  We will never intentionally disclose the personal information to individuals or organization that are not approved as our partners. 

We take the utmost care to protect the personal information provided by our users.  However, please be aware that if you voluntarily provide your personal information on services that can be viewed by other users, such as comment sections and other communities, there is a possibility that your personal information may be used in ways that you do not intend.

Please be noted that any information provided outside of our registration areas is not protected and is the sole responsibility of the user. 

Kikuka Hatakeyama, Founder of A-ONE